Channeling sport, personal achievement and team building into philanthropic experiences

Based in Vancouver, BC, Canada, Georgia Cycling is a team of like-minded recreational athletes who share a passion for two-wheeled camaraderie and a commitment to philanthropy.


Founded in 2005 as the Wedgewood Cycling Team, a change of title sponsors led to a re-branding as Georgia Cycling in 2016. Our time together is spent on spirited group rides, both road and mountain; special events and trips – near and far – centered around cycling; and participating in fundraising events where cycling is involved. We are recognized in both the cycling and broader community as leaders in fundraising for cancer research, care and prevention and we continue to be committed to this goal, as well as supporting other rides which benefit North Shore Rescue and the Lower Mainland Christmas Bureau. The common denominator among all Team members is that we share a passion for two-wheeled camaraderie grounded in social responsibility.